Forecast And Analysis Of China's Fastener Market Size And Development Trend In 2020

Fasteners refer to the general term for a type of mechanical parts used when two or more parts (or components) are fastened and connected into a whole. The main application markets for fasteners are automotive, electronics, machinery, construction and maintenance markets. The data shows that as of the end of 2018, 1,194 fastener manufacturers included in the scope of the National Bureau of Statistics have achieved an average main business income of RMB 102,881,900 and a total profit of RMB 6,529,300. The China Business Industry Research Institute predicts that the main business revenue of my country's fastener manufacturing industry will reach 135 billion yuan in 2020.

Compared with the advanced level of foreign countries, the technical level of fastener manufacturers in my country still has certain differences, mainly reflected in the lack of advanced alloy materials, production equipment and production technology are relatively backward. The data shows that in 2019, the average unit price of imported fasteners in my country was 10,616.69 US dollars/ton, and the average unit price of exported fasteners was 2062.17 US dollars/ton. Imported fasteners are mainly concentrated in the field of high-end fasteners, and their added value is significantly higher than that of exported fasteners.

The development trend of the fastener industry

1. Intelligent digital development

Intelligent manufacturing is a new manufacturing mode of fasteners, and it is the inevitable result of the development of automation, digitization, networking and intelligence in mechanical manufacturing. As labor costs continue to rise, product quality requirements continue to increase, and demand diversity is becoming increasingly prominent, the fastener industry has an increasingly urgent need for intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing will greatly improve the productivity and benefits of fasteners, reduce the labor costs of enterprises, improve the working environment and labor intensity of workers, and improve product quality and reliability.

2. Convergence technology application, product function expansion

Fusion Manufacturing Fusion is the cross fusion of multiple disciplines, and the combination of multiple processes is the trend of the new era. The integration of mechanical manufacturing technology and information technology and various high and new technologies, the integration of machinery and materials, and the integration of technology and culture will continue to inject new vitality into the development of fasteners. The application of fusion technology will produce new fastening components, manufacturing processes, processing equipment and systems, which will greatly enrich the product system of fasteners and expand the functions of the products.

3. The continuous development of super-normal manufacturing

Super-normal manufacturing With the expansion of people’s living space and the rapid development of technology, the requirements for fasteners are getting higher and higher. The tightness used in the state of extremely large, small, ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, ultra-high speed and ultra-low speed, etc. Firmware emerges endlessly, and the process technology for manufacturing these fasteners is quite different from ordinary fasteners. In the future, ultra-precision manufacturing, ultra-high-performance product manufacturing and ultra-normal forming processes will be a symbol of the level of fastener manufacturing, and will also become the key research and development direction of high-end fastener manufacturers.

For more information, please refer to the "China Fastener Industry Market Prospects and Investment Opportunities Research Report" issued by the China Commercial Industry Research Institute. At the same time, China Commercial Industry Research Institute also provides industrial big data, industrial intelligence, industrial research reports, industrial planning, and industrial parks. Planning, the 14th Five-Year Plan, industry investment and other services.

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