Advantages of Using Hexagon Bolts

1. It can bear greater load. It has six stress-bearing surfaces, which is more able to withstand screwing than slotted screws and cross-shaped screws with only two surfaces.
2, it can be dealt with in use. That is, the whole nut sinks into the inside of the workpiece, which can keep the surface of the workpiece smooth and beautiful.
3. Easy to install. Compared with the outer hexagonal screw, the inner hexagon is suitable for more assembly occasions, especially the narrow ones. Therefore, it is very convenient for assembly and maintenance, and it is also convenient for debugging.
4. Not easy to disassemble. The tools we usually use are adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers and open wrenches, and special wrenches must be used to remove the hexagon socket bolts. Therefore, it is not easy for ordinary people to disassemble. Of course, if you are competing, you can design a variety of weird structures. The question is whether the special wrench can be manufactured.

Haiyan Xinglong Fastener Co., specializes in the production of various screws and bolts, among which DIN603, 84, 85,, 7985, 963, 965, 966, etc. are the main products. The company's products are mainly sold to EU countries, and now it has also developed the Middle East, North and South America and some African countries.

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    Diameter range (mm):M2-M20,1/8-3/4Length range (mm):3-300,1/2-12'
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  • gold zinc round head plated slotted machine screws,Grade 4.8,

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  • Yellow Zinc Plated,Longer Pan Head Torx Anti-theft Machine Screws,Din7985,M6 M8

  • Non-standard small square head bolts

    Size: M2.5 to M24 Length: Up to 300mm Standard: Non Standard, we can manufacture as customer's draw...