Anticorrosion method of super long bolt

External corrosion prevention of extra long bolts is the most common way of application. The super long bolt is made of metal. The metal anti-corrosion means four aspects: the characteristics of raw materials, the application of natural environment, the page between data information and natural environment, and the design scheme of improved metal structure. If the super long bolt is made of detailed corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, unless there are special requirements, this is not the case in terms of the definition of economic development. In fact, it may be very difficult to distinguish the appearance of screws from the environmental factors that cause corrosion. The development of improving metal structure can improve the harm of unique standards under certain circumstances, but most of the design schemes of stainless steel screws can not be reasonably adjusted, and their maintenance effect is not long-term, so this method can not basically deal with this problem, only the anti-corrosion on the page, that is, the external anti-corrosion, is the most common method.

Function of maintenance layer of super long bolts. The solution to external corrosion prevention of extra long bolts and stainless steel screws refers to the use of various methods to maintain the metal surface. Its function is to protect metal and corrosive natural environment, so as to inhibit the whole process of corrosion or reduce the contact between corrosive substances and metal surface, thus preventing or reducing corrosion.

The maintenance of extra long bolts shall meet the following requirements:

1. Corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and high toughness.

2. Close structure, detailed and porous structure.

3. Excellent peeling and fusion with base metal.

4. Average particle size distribution and thickness.

Generally, there are two anti-corrosion methods for extra long bolts: metal coating and non-metallic coating. Metal coating refers to the application of metal or aluminum alloy with strong corrosion resistance to produce a maintenance layer on the surface of metal that is easily corroded. This type of coating is also called coating. There are many ways and types of metal plating, in which electroplating process is the most common.

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