Do you know what types of fasteners are available

Do you know what types of fastener seals are available? If it is not clear, then come and see this article!

Fastener external thread clamp: common internal and internal hole sealing. Its sealing ring is a triangular soft metal sealing ring made of copper or aluminum. The flange plate of the cylinder section is connected with the end cover of the vessel according to the threaded sleeve, and the compression anchor bolt is tightened to exert force on the compression ring, and the compression washer is pressed to complete the sealing.

Fastener internal Hazari sealing: the principle of thread Hazari sealing is basically the same as that of external thread, only the external thread end cap is indirectly screwed into the top of the cylinder with thread. The sealing gasket is placed at the joint of the end cover and the tail end of the engine block, and the sealing gasket is equipped with a pressure ring.

Fasteners - improved version of the Hazare seal: the improved version of the Hazare inner hole seal structure does not use the external thread sleeve specification to connect the end cover and cylinder, but only uses the screw connection. Other parts are similar to the external thread Hazare inner hole seal. It has no obvious advantages, so it is difficult to choose.

Fastener flat gasket seal: This is also a mandatory seal. The sealing ring made of soft raw materials or alloy is placed in the middle of the connection surface. Under the pre tightening force of the anchor bolt, the uneven part of the surface (that is, the gap or hole where the substance is likely to leak) is squeezed and the raw materials of the plastic deformation washer are added, so as to achieve the purpose of the vessel.

Recommended Products

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  • Yellow Zinc Plated,Longer Carbon Steel Full Thread Mushroom Head Carriage Bolt Grade 4.8 DIN603,M 6 /8

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  • Hexagon Head Wood Screws Zinc Plated M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12

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  • Flat countersunk head elevator bolts

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  • Yellow Zinc Plated,Mini Torx Anti-theft Truss Head Machine Screws,Grade 4.8

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