Precautions for processing copper screws and aluminum screws

Due to the excellent electrical conductivity and heat dissipation of copper screws and aluminum screws, they are widely used. However, there are not many special screw factories specializing in copper and aluminum screws processing in China. The screw factory of Haiyan Xinglong Fastener Co., Ltd. is a professional Engaged in the processing of non-standard screws and special screws, we have many years of processing experience. In this regard, we are willing to share the experience accumulated over the years to jointly promote the processing level of the domestic special screw industry and participate in the international competition.
First of all, the process principle of copper wire rod is similar to that of steel wire rod. The main reason is that when buying copper wire rod and aluminum wire rod, you have a definite order to order the raw material. If there is no order, do not prepare inventory, otherwise the raw material may become waste copper and aluminum, which will be wasted huge. Secondly, pay attention to aluminum wire and copper wire. Copper and aluminum are very soft. Aluminum scraps and copper scraps are very easy to stick to the mold cavity and cause scratches on the finished product. This reduces the chance of sticking. In addition, during production, (solid, powder,) lubricant should be sprayed on the surface of the aluminum material to minimize the phenomenon of sticking to the mold. In the end, no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to completely guarantee the non-stick film, so you can only watch the production with one person and one machine. When the sticking mold occurs, stop the machine immediately to remove the aluminum scrap and start the production again.

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