What are the differences between ordinary bolts and high-strength bolts

The bolts of high-strength bolts are not only the tensile strength of raw materials, but also the theoretical mechanics with torque. The characteristics of such high-strength bolts are continuously achieved based on the quality of exquisite carving.

So after we talked about high-strength bolts, we can talk about bolts. What are the differences between ordinary bolts and high-strength bolts? Everyone can make a general explanation of how to correctly view high-strength bolts and how to reflect the high-strength bolts, hoping to be helpful to the friends in front of the monitor.

Many customers can't tell the difference between high-strength bolts and ordinary bolts. In fact, it is easy to identify them by grasping their model, specification and other characteristics. In short, high-strength bolts are very special bolts with high strength and fatigue resistance that are often used in different mechanical equipment or construction projects. Of course, high strength nuts are generally used with high strength bolts to achieve stronger application effect.

In general, we can see in the market that many bolts with M-head are ordinary bolts, but not high-strength bolts. The correction side of the hexagonal head bolts is the following format file M30, in which M30 marks the thread specification, that is, the inner diameter of the pipe thread is 30mm, the performance parameter grade of the grade 10 mark bolt, and tZn is the surface treatment method.

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