Do you know the commonly used bolt specifications

Square head bolt: Grade C square head bolt refers to the standard parts that are connected by the top of the head and the screw of the extruder. They need to be used in conjunction with each other. Square head bolts are divided into 4.8 grade bolts, 8.8 grade bolts, 10.9 grade bolts, and 12.9 grade bolts according to the high strength grade. According to the screw cable material, there are iron bolts and stainless steel plate bolts. The stainless steel plate bolts include stainless steel plate SUS304 bolts, stainless steel plate SUS201 bolts, and stainless steel plate SUS316 bolts.

Its application is very common, and its application areas include electrical and electronic fields, water conservancy and hydropower engineering fields, electrical products, industrial equipment, chemical machinery and equipment, ships, vehicles, bridges, steel frame structures and so on.

Semi-circular head square neck bolt: The shape lives up to its name. Put the square head neck at the top of the head into the groove of the connected piece, reduce the relative height of the highlighted surface, and tighten the screw from the back. It is often used in less tolerant areas, so the raw material is softer.

Cross recessed pan head screw: Cross recessed machine screw, indicated by the English letters PM. The country stipulates that the thread specification is M1.6-M10, the characteristic level is 1.8.A-50.A2-70.CU2.CU3 and AL4.H-type and Z-type cross recessed, and the commodity level is Class A cross recessed pan head screws .

Hexagon socket head countersunk head screws: Hexagon socket head countersunk head screws are commonly used in instruments and meters, which can not only ensure the precision of assembly, but also ensure the compressive strength of the structure.

Slotted cylinder head screw: Slotted cylinder head screw specifications and models 3*8, 3*10, 3*12, 3*16, 3*20, 3*25, 3*30, 3*45, 4*8 , 4*10 of these. According to the material, it is divided into stainless steel plate and iron.

Basic Spring Washer: The Basic Spring Washer Spring washer device is located under the nut to prevent the screw from loosening.

Hexagon bolts: Hexagon bolts are divided into two types: outer hexagon bolts and inner hexagon screws, which are generally used for tightening industrial equipment.

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    Diameter range (mm):M5-M20,3/16-1"Length range (mm):5-300,3/16-12"
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