High strength nuts have a significant impact

Nuts are commonly used standard items. They are used together with bolts, double headed bolts, or other threaded product workpieces for connection and fixation. Usually, the hardness of the bolts selected in the formulation is higher than the compressive strength of the corresponding high-strength nuts to ensure that the service life of the bolts is longer than that of the nuts when used together. When disassembling and replacing standard parts in this way, the cost of replacing nuts will be lower and more convenient.
At present, many generator equipment and vehicles such as airports, vehicles, trains, and cargo ships have developed rapidly. Therefore, everyone's high-strength nuts and other clamping parts must be in line with the rapidly advancing development trend, in order to achieve great development trends.
High toughness bolts are suitable for connecting some major industrial equipment, especially for continuous disassembly and assembly. Various assembly methods require very high nuts. Threads are also very important, and the surface roughness and manufacturing accuracy of threads immediately directly affect the safety performance of application facilities.
Generally speaking, in order to better adjust the friction resistance in the whole process of application and avoid corrosion and blockage, nickel and phosphorus must be coated on the surface. The thickness of the coating is generally adjusted within the range of 0.02-0.03mm, ensuring uniform coating, compact structure, and no needle holes.
The Ni-P coating processing process for high-strength nuts consists of three parts: di 1. Preparation, including precision and appearance inspection before coating, to check whether there are cracks or defects in the coating before, and manual removal of oil stains or pickling passivation.
The second method is to use an electroplating process to excite nuts and quickly nickel plating, followed by chemical nickel plating. In the nickel treatment method, a series of organic chemical methods are applied to stack nickel on the nut, and the final step is the post-treatment process. Post treatment typically involves hydrogen driven heat treatment processes, polishing, and quality inspection.

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