Common Questions to Know for High Strength Nuts

High strength nuts have the advantages of simple connection structure, good physical performance during application, easy disassembly, resistance to fatigue, and no looseness under load. It is a very popular commodity. There are actually three types of high-strength nuts: friction type and working pressure type.
It is not necessary to believe that high-strength nuts are made by different processing techniques. Therefore, its equipment has excellent functions, making it difficult to carry out anti-corrosion and rust prevention treatment. In fact, they must have anti-corrosion and rust prevention treatment maintenance. Everyone needs to pay attention to it to enhance the lifespan of these people. Now let's talk about the factors that anti-corrosion and rust prevention treatment can cause damage to him.
1. In air pollution (such as an atmosphere with many sulfates, carbon dioxide, and nitric oxide), hydrochloric acid, sodium cyanide, and acetic acid are generated in the condensate, which can cause chemical corrosion.
2. The surface of stainless steel bolts is stained with organic chemical juices (such as cantaloupe, vegetables and fruits, noodle soup, phlegm, etc.). Under the premise of water and oxygen, organic matter is generated, and long-term organic matter corrodes the surface of metal materials.
3. Adhering dust or heterogeneous metal material particles, in the condensed water of wet and cold gases, attachments, and stainless steel plates, they are combined to form a micro charging battery, causing electrochemical corrosion and damaging the protective film, which is called an electrochemical reaction.
4. The attachments on the surface of stainless steel plates contain acids, alkalis, and salts (such as edible alkali and lime slurry splashing on decorative design walls), which can cause partial corrosion.
In addition to anti-corrosion and rust prevention treatment, the high or low friction coefficient has a significant impact on the bearing capacity of high-strength nut connections. According to experiments and other methods, it has been confirmed that the key friction coefficient is influenced by the shape of the contact plane and the reasons for the raw materials used in the production of prefabricated components. In order to better improve the friction coefficient of the contact surface, sandblasting and steel brush cleaning are usually used to solve the contact surface of components in the connection area.

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