How to remove the hexagon socket screw

The outer edge of the screw head of the hexagon socket screw is round, and the middle is a recessed hexagon, while the hexagonal screw is the kind of common screw head that has a hexagonal side. The hexagon socket screwdriver looks like a "7". Cut the two ends of a hexagonal steel bar and bend it to 90 degrees to form a hexagon socket screwdriver. It is sold in hardware tool stores.
Hexagon socket screws are widely used, ranging from small hardware, small electronic products, and electrical products. Machinery equipment products range from automobiles, ships, aircrafts and cannons. In short, hexagon socket screws are mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances, electrical, electricity, chemical, water conservancy, mechanical equipment, furniture and other fields.
1. Clamp the outer circle with pliers and screw out, the general thread, left screw out, right screw in.
2. Drill the tail screw with a flat spatula or screwdriver to make the inner hole into a square shape that can hold the wrench. Then unscrew it with a wrench.
3. Knock the flat shovel or screwdriver with a hammer to the right, make the blade cut into the screw diagonally, and knock out.
4. Use a hand drill with a drill bit smaller than the bottom diameter of the screw to drill the screw, and then tap the thread from the bottom hole. If the screw-in end is not physical, just knock off the screw head, you can remove it. The screws must be useless. When tightening the screws in the future, press the board to the bottom, and it will rotate when it is compacted. It will be bad again soon.
5. Use a drill with a deep hole diameter to drill out the hexagonal tail screw. After disassembling the abrasive tool, the screw will not be stressed. It can be easily removed with a vise.
6. If there is a lathe, use a lathe to turn it off, or place a screw on a wire hole smaller than the screw in the car and tighten it and then withdraw the screw to be removed. If the nut is leaking, it is better to do it. Use A strong pliers can be clamped and loosened. There are many ways to do it, according to the tools at hand.

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