What should I do if the Phillips screw is screwed

Although it is a small Phillips screw, it often makes us feel at a loss. For example, the washing machine at home is broken, and the machine is to be dismantled, only to find that the Phillips screw is broken. What can I do? There is no slot or a Phillips screwdriver. The first method is to find a high-strength flat-blade screwdriver, and then use a hammer to re-slot the screw, and then use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screw, but this method is more laborious, because the screw is For hardware, manual grooving takes time and effort. Second: Use a hand electric drill with a drill bit with a diameter smaller than the screw to drill vertically, directly drill the screw into chips, and then clean the screw hole. The third type requires high technical content.

Find a steel bar or other hardware with the same diameter as the screw head, and use an electric welder to weld the screw to the steel bar. Then screw it out again. Although use steel bars or other hardware, leave a certain length. Easy to unscrew. This requirement is relatively high. It is necessary to pay attention to the protection of the operating surface to prevent the welding machine from damaging the operating surface. Sometimes when we tighten some screws, because the screws are tight or the screws become rusted after a long time, it is difficult for us to remove such screws or sometimes cannot be removed at all.

Today I will share with you how Can easily deal with this problem. When encountering this kind of thing, we first take out the prepared wide rubber bands, which are some common rubber bands. How to easily unscrew the damaged screw, and then put the prepared rubber band on the head of the damaged or rusted screw, and put the rubber band flat on the interface of the screw to be processed. At this time, you can use the usual steps and methods of twisting screws: put the screwdriver on top of the screw. Finally, the damaged screws can be easily disposed of.

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