On the Importance of Metal Tensile Test to Precision Stamping Parts

In the manufacturing process of precision stamping parts, a very important mechanical property is the tensile ability of the metal. Metal tensile test is one of the commonly used and important test methods in the mechanical properties test of metal materials. It is related to the toughness and strength of the metal, and the tensile properties are determined by tensile tests.
The material strength and plasticity data obtained by metal tensile test have very important application and reference value for design and material selection, new material development, material procurement and acceptance, product quality control, safety and equipment evaluation.
The metal tensile test is generally divided into four stages:
1. Elastic stage: As the load increases, the strain increases proportionally to the stress. If the load is removed, the specimen will return to its original state, showing elastic deformation.
2. Yield stage: ordinary carbon steel: beyond the elastic stage, the load is basically unchanged, but the fluctuation range is small, and the elongation of the sample increases sharply. This phenomenon is called yielding.
3. Strengthening stage: After the yield stage, if the specimen continues to elongate, the resistance in the specimen will continue to increase due to the continuous strengthening of the material during plastic deformation. With the increase of strain and stress, the force value is the limit value of the tensile strength of the metal material.
4. Necking stage: When the strain increases and the stress decreases, the metal material will be in a "necked" state until it breaks.
Through the metal tensile test, a series of mechanical properties such as strength, hardness and fatigue of the material can be tested. As a stamping factory, only by fully understanding the properties of the material can we safely formulate the application environment of the material, put it into production safely, and process and produce high-quality and qualified precision stamping parts.

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