Other standards for high-strength bolt installation

Whether it is the professional production and processing of high-strength bolts, the quality inspection of safety products of high-strength bolts, and the standardized installation of scientific research storage and transportation sites, I firmly believe that all partners have a very detailed grasp of it!

As a standard part, the production process of high-strength bolts is very strict. There are strict specific operation specifications for all the key steps, but some small key steps can be done by very few people, so it is necessary to sort out and implement them. The following writing will sort out some key links.

Other standard provisions for installation of high-strength bolts
When you install the high-strength bolt connection pair, the side of the screw cap with a round table should face the chamfered side of the washer. Generally, when installing high-strength bolt connection pair with large hexagon head, the side with chamfered edge of washer under the bolt head should face the bolt head. When installing high-strength bolts, the construction personnel should strictly prohibit the forced penetration of bolts (here refers to such as hammering). If you can't follow it casually, you should use a reamer to trim the hole. The larger diameter of the hole should be less than 1. 2 times the diameter of the bolt after development.

When repairing holes, in order to better prevent iron injection from disappearing into the joint, all bolts nearby should be tightened before drilling and checked to see if they are firm, so that the thick steel plate can be tilted in the operation process. One of the areas that must be paid special attention to is that it is strictly forbidden to expand the hole by laser cutting of vapor fiber. Cutting and drilling with a vapor fiber laser is more likely to occur on site, especially during inspection.

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