Teach you to easily unscrew rusty screws and nuts

Method 1. Tap to help loosen the rusted screws and nuts
During the use of the screw and nut, if the rust is not very serious, and it is the kind of larger screw and nut, we can use the method of tapping to loosen the screw and nut. The rusted screw seems to be very strong, but only some rust is used to fix it. Sometimes this method is effective. Hold the wrench in one hand to fix the screw, and hold the hammer in the other hand to hit the tail of the wrench. , You can tap with a small force first, if it still can't be screwed, then increase the force appropriately, be careful with the force, if you are inexperienced, tap slowly to avoid hitting your hand.
In this way, tap a few more times, twist and twist with a wrench, and if it is loose, it can be unscrewed, which not only keeps the screw intact, but also has a high speed.
Method 2: Remove rust stains from carbonated beverages, and easily unscrew the screws and nuts
Using carbonated beverage spraying, carbonated beverages contain carbonic acid, which can react with iron oxide in rust. During the reaction, the rust gradually disappears or is softened, and naturally the screws and nuts will not be rusted. This method may If it is relatively slow, you can prepare a watering can for continuous spraying, and use a wrench to gently pull it back and forth to try to loosen it.
After a few minutes, it is basically enough. If the rust is serious, it will take more time. After unscrewing, remember to make carbonated drinks with water or replace the screws with new ones. Otherwise, it will easily continue to rust if you use it again.
Method 3: Alcohol + white vinegar + detergent to remove rust stains and easily unscrew the screws and nuts
Add an appropriate amount of water to the bottle, then pour two caps of alcohol, two caps of white vinegar, and two caps of dishwashing liquid, and shake it evenly. Pour some on the screw, let it stand for a few minutes, and then turn it lightly with a wrench, the rusted screw can be loosened immediately, and the screw can be removed effortlessly.
This method is similar to carbonated drinks. In fact, it all plays a role in reacting with iron oxide. You can mix the three and put them into a watering can to spray directly. The speed is similar to that of carbonated drinks, and the method is the same.
For common rusty screws and nuts at home, this method is the most suitable, and we unscrewed the screws without much effort.

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