Use content of stud bolt

Stud bolt is used to connect the stable connection of mechanical equipment. Both sides of the stud bolt are threaded. The extruder screw in the middle is thick and thin. It is called metal rod/shrinking rod, also called stud screw. It is generally used for mining equipment, highway bridges, vehicles, motorcycles, heating furnace steel frame structures, suspension towers, large-span steel frame structures and large buildings.
Note from the bolt manufacturer: bolts refer to screws with larger diameter, and can also have no head, such as stud bolts. Generally, it is not called "stud" but "stud". The common way of double headed studs is that there are threads on both sides, and the main rod is in the middle.
Common main uses: anchor bolts, or areas with similar anchor bolts. Thick connections can not be achieved with ordinary bolts.
Stud bolt is also one of the commonly used bolts, which has the key effect of tightening and connecting in industrial equipment, electronic equipment, ships and vehicles, water conservancy and hydropower projects. Good fixed goods. To put it bluntly, the stud bolt naturally refers to the screw head with threads on both sides, and the extruder screw in the middle is thick and thin. The main functions of the relevant stud bolts are shown in the following three aspects.
1. It is used for large equipment and needs to install accessories, such as rearview mirror and mechanical seal seat Reducer frame, etc. At this time, the stud bolt is used. One end is screwed into the behavior body, and the other end carries the nut after the fitting is installed. Because the fitting is often disassembled, the thread will be damaged or destroyed, so it will be particularly convenient to use the stud bolt for disassembly and replacement.
2. When the connection body is very thin and thick, and the bolt length is very long, the stud bolt will be used.
3. It is used to connect thick steel plates and areas where it is inconvenient to use hexagon bolts for connection, such as concrete steel roof truss, flat roof beam suspension, double rail beam suspension, etc.

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