What to do with the inner hexagon bolt slide fastener

The socket head cap bolts are divided into rings according to the top of the head, and there are various types of socket head cap screws. According to the raw materials, it is divided into two types: carbon steel and aluminum alloy. Hexagon socket head cap screws, also known as socket head cap screws. Low-head hexagon socket head cap bolts have small flat heads and inner hexagon sockets; there is also a very unique kind of bolt, called headless hexagon socket head cap bolt, that is, machine screw, payment screw, stop screw. Generic name for headless hex bolts, but with the same meaning. Naturally, there are also some pattern socket head cap screws, but they are very rarely used and hardly happen in the market.

Hexagon socket head cap bolts are generally used in mechanical equipment. Its structure is compact, detachable, and has the characteristics of not easy to dislocate. The wrench is generally bent 90 degrees. One end is long and the other end is short. When applying the screw, hold it with good hands. The long side saves a lot of force and allows for better tightening of screws. The long head has a round mouth friendship head. The screw holes are very easy to insert into the round opening, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly. The manufacturing cost of the outer hexagon is much less than that of the inner hexagon. Another screw head is thinner than the inner Hex Bolt, and some problems cannot be replaced by the inner hexagon. In addition, low cost, low output power compressive strength, and machines with less high precision requirements have less hexagon socket bolts than outer hexagon bolts.

The socket head cap screws and the outer cap screws cannot be removed. If you want to remove the sliding screw, you can generally try several solutions:

1. Use the "Broken Screw Getter" to try to remove it.

2. Use an alloy drill bit that is one size smaller than the rolling socket head bolt. If the screw climbs out, there will be wall-like residues around it, so it should be gradually eliminated.

3. It can be solved by spark discharge. If the hexagon socket head bolt is not easy to move, you can use a portable electric spark machine. After using the above method to disassemble and install the hexagon socket head bolt, it is very likely that the internal threaded hole of the original threaded hole will be damaged.

4. If the damage is not large, the standard milling cutter that matches the thread specification can still be used normally after a period of time.

5. If the damage is serious, under the condition that the wall thickness of the threaded hole allows, the "steel external thread insert" can be further used for repair. The "steel external thread insert" is used for maintenance, and the compressive strength is not affected, even higher than the original external thread.

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