How to solve the oil stain on the screw

1. Soluble emulsified cleaning agent
Soluble emulsifiers usually contain clay, solvents, emulsifiers, builders, corrosion inhibitors and a small amount of water. The function of water is to dissolve the emulsifier, which can dissolve the dirt on the surface of precision screws and also leave an anti-rust film on the surface. 
The emulsifiers and detergents in it hold greasy particles and dissolve them into cleaning agents containing solvents and oils. Emulsion cleaners are pure oil products in concentrated form, which become white milky liquids when diluted in water. 
2. Synthetic cleaning agent
Synthetic cleaners are different from standard alkaline cleaners, the difference lies in their chemical composition, and they are also an alkaline cleaner. Standard alkaline cleaning agents are inorganic in nature, while synthetic agents are organic agents containing amine-based substances. These products are designed to clean alkaline residues from single-stage cleaning and are also good rust inhibitors. Synthetic cleaners are used for moderate cleaning, such as quenching oils or quenching polymer solutions for cleaning screw surfaces.
3. Alkaline cleaning agent
Alkaline cleaners are prepared by mixing detergent builders and alkaline earth metal salts of surfactants, and are widely used cleaning agents. The starting point for adding each of the salts and surfactants is primarily to ensure cleaning results and secondarily to be economical. The pH value of the cleaning agent is required to be around 7. The cleaning ingredients of such cleaning agents are hydroxides, silicates, carbonates, phosphates, borates and organic compounds.

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