What are the functions of high-strength nuts

In the application of high-strength nuts, the compressive strength grade after heat treatment process is Grade 10, which is used in coordination with Grade 10.9 anchor bolts.
The bearing capacity and benzoic acid method of general nuts and high-strength nuts are different. Generally, the anchor bolt bears the external load immediately, but the bearing force of the high-strength nut bears the external load according to the friction formed on the contact area of the connected piece by the increased internal pre tensile force P.
The connection of the high toughness nut is very simple, the bearing capacity is very good, it can be disassembled, it is fatigue resistant, and it can not loosen under the effect of frost load; It is a very potential connection mode.
The basic principle of bolt connection is to use a special wrench to tighten the nut, thus causing the anchor bolt to be manipulated and have a large pre tension. According to the cushion block and nut, the same pre working pressure is formed on the connected parts.
Its connection depends on the friction between the contact areas of the connecting parts to move the mechanism to each other. The clamping force of the lifting component and the friction coefficient of the expanding component contact area make the contact surface have sufficient friction. Increase the pre tension of the anchor bolt to generate the clamping force between members.
The friction index is especially harmful to the bearing capacity of connecting bolts. In order to expand the friction coefficient of the contact area, the friction coefficient is mainly affected by the materials of the components and modes of the contact area. Therefore, during decoration construction, steel brush cleaning and sand blasting are often used to remove the contact area of components in the connection scope.

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